OOTW: Rush!

Okay so it may be a little early but I am doing a full rush series including what to expect for each round as a rushee and rusher, what to wear, and a survival kit.  I am actually really excited about this because my sorority means so much to me and gave me a home away from home (more of the sappy stuff later though!).  One of the biggest tips I can give any girl about to go through recruitment for the first time is to plan her outfits ahead of time.  I started planning at least a month in advance and asked people for outfit approvals.  Every school is different in the dress requirements for each round but I know for my school and a lot of my friends schools, they give a basic guide line of what to wear for each round.

What to wear for rush

There are 5 rounds at my school (Leadership, Scholarship, Philanthropy, Preference, and Bid Day) that lasts for about 1-2 weeks because of the large volume of girls we have who go through rush.

Round 1: Leadership (2 days) & Round 2: Scholarship (2 days)  Our school gave us two tshirts that we had to wear for the first two rounds.  If your school does this pair it with a cute pair of shorts or skirt.  I don’t suggest wearing jean shorts because they look a little too casual and you’re trying to dress to impress.  Then wear some comfy sandals (Jack Rogers are popular in the South but they kill your feet when you’re standing all day and walking from house to house).  Keep your makeup bright and fresh and remember to bring a hair tie in your pockets to get your hair off your sweaty neck in between parties (because believe me you will sweat).

Round 3: Philanthropy (1 day)  This is a pretty casual sundress day.  I would wear a simple shirt dress or skater dress with a fun accessory and ballet flats.  You may not need hair ties as much this day but you may still want to keep your makeup fresh.

Round 4: Preference “Sisterhood” (1 day)  This is the day when you want to dress up a little bit more.  Wear a nicer dress (not a flashy sparkly party dress) that is classy (no boobs, butt, or belly – you’re dressing to impress a house full of girls, not a house full of frat boys).  You may want to wear heels this day but always take a pair of comfy sneakers or sandals to walk to the houses in so your feet don’t hurt.  You can glam your makeup up a little bit but still try not to overdo it, again this isn’t a party or prom.

Round 5: Bid Day (1 day)  Congratulations!  You’re joining a house that has picked you and you it!  Some schools require you to wear certain colored dresses or outfits but at my school you want to wear running shoes, shorts, and a tank top (we are given a tshirt that says what sorority we received a bid from and run to that house).

During each round remember the best thing a girl can wear is her smile.  They aren’t judging outer beauty, they want to get to know you and what’s inside.  A smile is a great way to showcase the beautiful woman you are on the inside!

Happy rushing!


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