Rush Survival Kit

The days of recruitment are long, and if you’re at a school that rushes in the fall, they’re hot!  We spent entire days in gymnasiums waiting to go to houses and hours that felt like an eternity standing outside waiting for the parties to begin.  Here are a couple of things I found super useful while going through rush.

Rush survival kit

Our school gave each PNM going through recruitment a tote or drawstring bag.  If your school does this then make sure you have a way to identify yours with a bright ribbon or something.  If they don’t, bring your own durable tote!

Magazine: Or a book, or if classes had already started, homework.  Some of the time in between houses can be long.  You’ll need some form of entertainment to keep you from falling asleep and missing a party.  A lot of times they don’t allow cell phones to keep from dirty rushing and to keep girls from talking about each of the houses.

Makeup:  You wont be needing a full-on makeup bag but the basics like powder and lip products are always a good idea.  For lips I like using a lip stain because it reduces the need for touch ups and for my face I like mattifying powders to keep shine at bay (great and inexpensive versions are Revlon Balm Stain and Rimmel Stay Matte powder).  For just a simple wash of color, I am currently obsessing over Revlon Lip Butters (juicy papaya is my go-to during the warmer months).

Band-Aids:  For those gnarly blisters you’re bound to get from walking so much in those super cute not-yet-broken-in shoes.

Kleenex:  You or other girls going through this process may get rejected from a house you really liked.  It happens all. the. time.  If the tears start coming whip one of these out to save your mascara so you can still have a chance of impressing the other awesome houses that want you back.

Snacks:  Like I mentioned earlier, the time stretches can be long.  People are always missing lunches or dinners from the parties or waiting without access to something to eat.  Curve those munchies by bringing some of your own.  I always kept a small bag of animal crackers that I would snack on or share with the girls in my group.

Refillable Water Bottle:  If its hot, you must stay hydrated.  Waiting in line, I would see girls pass out right and left from heat and dehydration.  Its no fun and you definitely don’t want it happening to you so make sure your always sipping some H2O.

Hair Tie and Bobby Pins:  To keep your hair off your neck when your sweating outside in-between parties.  I like the tied ones because they don’t crease your hair.  If you don’t want to meddle with hair, wear it up!  For several of the rounds I kept my hair pinned up or in a simple updo.  I have done past tutorials on my go-to but I can always do an updated one if you prefer.

Breath Mints:  You’re crammed into a small space with hundreds of other girls.  The sister you’re talking to has to stand 2 inches away for you to hear her and vice versa.  You don’t want stanky breath.

If you’re wearing perfume be sure to bring a small sample of it just in case you want touch ups.  But normally I don’t suggest wearing perfume during rush.  Hundreds of girls crammed into a tiny space wearing all kinds of different scents can be really overwhelming.  If you’re worried about smelling and want something to help with that just pack a stick of deodorant.

Stay safe and good luck ladies!!


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