My Rush Experience


No, you don’t have to go Greek.  I understand its not for everyone, but for some its their way of trying to get involved and connected with their school.   I went through rush last year and I have to say joining my sorority was one of the best experiences of my life.  The hours were long, the days were hot, and the anxiety was excruciating but to me it was worth it.  Each of the rounds brought something new to the table and I was lucky enough to have gotten an enjoyable experience from the whole process.  Like I said though, this is just my personal experience.

I started out with a basic idea of which houses I wanted to join (based entirely off what I saw online and in movies).  Of course, I had no knowledge of any of the chapters at my specific school.  I hadn’t even heard of some of the houses before.  So when the first day came along I was overwhelmed.  I had heard the rumors that girls pick you based off how smart you are or how pretty you are or how involved you are.  Walking into the Recruitment Orientation with 1,800+ other gorgeous girls was so intimidating.  They sectioned us up and gave out matching tshirts. When I visited that first house I was in shock.  Everywhere around me there were girls jumping and clapping and singing (loudly).  The girl who grabbed me at the door and talked to me during that first party was so pretty and nice and I couldn’t seem to hear a single word she said.  By the time I walked out, I knew I kinda liked the crazy cheering and peppiness.  The rest of the houses were the same.  Intimidated by gorgeous girls I could barely hear.  How was I supposed to pick 8 (of 11) in voting if I still barely knew anything about them?  I just picked some and waited to see what would happen.

Round two was a similar experience.  I was invited back to 7 houses  but wasn’t upset about which ones since I came out of Round 1 sort of blind.  I went to those parties and felt pretty good about some of the houses, even found some I really liked and knew I wanted to go back to.  So in voting I found myself writing down the names of 5 specific houses.  Sadly, I didn’t get all the ones I wanted.  What happened?  I thought we had a really entertaining conversation.  Then I asked myself to be honest with what it was about them I liked.  The reasons I gave myself weren’t actually what I ended up wanting.  I didn’t want to join a house that I felt was just pretty or top tier, I wanted to join one where I felt the girls were real and genuine and nice (the rest is just a bonus!).  I went to the parties of the 5 houses that asked me back with a new mindset.  I tossed out my preconceived notions of what houses were “top tier” and evaluated them by which ones I felt like I really belonged and shared the types of values I was looking for.

It was with this new mindset I braved round 3.  It just so happened that it was the round I was paired with a girl who made me want to join the house I did.  I knew nothing about the house I joined.  They were off my radar for the most part.  She had such a bright personality and was exactly what I told myself to look for when picking a house.  Picking my final two houses was a no-brainer!  We had two days of school between round 3 and 4, let me tell you they were an anxiety attack!  We had to wear our tshirts to class those days so girls already in sororities wouldn’t talk to us and “dirty rush”.  Finally round 4 came around and I almost cried with joy when I got the two houses I wanted.  Round 4 is when the girls express their gratitude for their house and how much it has given them and shaped them as a woman.  I pretty much had an idea at this point which house was the one for me so when I was talking with one of the sisters and she shared her story I was sold 110%.

Bid day I was a ball of nerves as I awaited to get my tshirt.  Our Pi Chis (group leaders) made us stand in a circle with our hands behind our back.  One of the girls across from me asked what color she got so I mouthed back and asked her what color I got.  She responded with the same color and both of us lit up.  As soon as the Pi Chis let us we threw on our shirts, grabbed hands and took off for the house.  All the members of the houses were jumping and singing and holding signs with the new members names on them.  This crazy brunette holding a sunflower sign with my name on it grabbed me in a big hug.  She became my go-to person whose side I never left for the rest of the day as she took me to sisterhood bonding events.  She helped guide me through the first couple of weeks of school and surprisingly enough, she ended up becoming my big!

So I would say my rush experience was a good one.  There was a little disappointment for about 20 minutes maximum but now that I am in the house I am, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.  Anyways, here are a couple photos from my own recruitment!


Round 1&2 in our matching tshirts


Round 3: Philanthropy


Round 4: Preference


Bid Day (Pre-Bid)


I’m so happy that I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma!

I know this was a really long post!  If you want to continue to stalk my instagram photos go follow kate_moore88


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