Rush: What to Expect


Okay so my last post was about my personal experience going through rush.  The disappointment because I was going about with the wrong mind set but then found the place where I belonged.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, each round is different and the way things are done vary from school to school.  This is just kind of a general things that my school does.

Round 1: Leadership (2 days)  This is the round where you put on the tshirt that you were given and go around to each house for the first time.  We had ten minutes in each house.  The first couple rounds are like an interview where the girl asks about your interests, area of study, high school involvement, etc.  Its overwhelming and hard to narrow down what houses you don’t want to go back to when you don’t exactly have an accurate sense of what each is like.  You’re talking to one girl for a very short amount of time.  Some you can just feel aren’t for you while others you aren’t quite sure of.  The head of recruitment for that house (or maybe the president) will give a short speech about the house’s leadership and involvement on campus.

Round 2: Scholarship (2 days)  You’re still wearing those obnoxiously colored tshirts but this time you aren’t visiting all the houses, just a majority (maximum of 8 out of 11 at my school).  You speak with a house member for a few more minutes this time about the same sort of topics and the recruitment chair or president will speak about the sorority’s focus on academics, rewards, and encouragements to study and make good grades.

Round 3: Philanthropy (1 day)  This is a casual dress day where you go to about half the houses for about 30 minutes and they tell you all about the causes they care about and philanthropy events they’re a part of.  The conversations sometimes go a little beyond the basic interview questions.  If you have any questions about their service or volunteer work, now is the time to ask.  We went to a maximum of 5 houses and you really start to have a sense of which house you want to join.

Round 4: Sisterhood/Preference (1 day)  This is usually the nicest day of them all when you wear a classy dress and heels.  YOU ARE NOT DRESSING TO IMPRESS BOYS! Remember that throughout the entire recruitment process.  Show you’re a classy young lady they want to have joining their house. They aren’t looking for who can show the most skin.  Steer clear of the B’s: no boobs, no butt, no belly.  In this round you talk to the girls for 45 minutes and this is the time to really get into a more serious conversation about the sorority and they’ll ask you more questions about yourself.  I don’t know if its this way everywhere but this is where they say something along the lines of “I can see why your Alpha Alpha Alpha material, we try to look for girls like you” or something that will make you feel its a trap.  I didn’t know how to respond to this so I just talked about what I was looking for in a house and why I wanted to join a sorority in the first place (what can I say, I’m naturally awkward).  They’re trying to see if it really is the place for you but just be a little cautious if/when they ask that.  Again, I’m not even sure if that’s an actual thing they’re supposed to ask or if the girl I had in the one house was just getting really wrapped up in the idea of giving a bid.

Round 5: Bid Day (1 day)  Get ready to run to your new home!  There will usually be some sort of reveal as your Pi Chis (or group leaders) say what houses they’re in and show you which ones you got a bid from.  There are usually sisterhood events going on the rest of the day like everyone goes to the zoo or an amusement park or theres a big party that your bid day buddy (the girl you go to in the house after you’ve received your bid).

Some topics you definitely want to steer clear of are politics, religion, boys, money, and booze.  They’re all just really touchy to some people which is why I generally don’t like to talk about them on here.  I never want to step on anyones toes.  You always want to try to stay optimistic throughout the whole process.  I know it can be upsetting if you don’t get the one you want but at large schools like mine, each house is so big you can easily find your niche in any.  It’s also hard to put any sort of stereotype on any of the houses because again they are so large and have such a wide range of girls.  Try to go at things with an unbiased opinion of each house so you can get the full benefits of the experience!

Have fun and good luck!


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