Stay Matte All Day Long

If you’ve followed this blog for a while then you would know that I have extremely oily and sensitive skin.  I always have the same problem of looking like an oil slick mid-day. I know the cardinal rule of beauty is to never sleep in your makeup, but I am sooo guilty of breaking this rule.  College makes it even harder between the late night study sessions and randomly crashing at your friends place because she needed to cry about how a boy broke her heart all night.  You always see in movies and television shows how girls will go to sleep and wakeup the next morning with their makeup looking perfectly slept in but still flawless.  Well, they must have known something I didn’t about how to make your makeup last and stay matte.  My friend wanted to go to Sephora one day to update a couple things in her makeup bag and asked if I wanted to tag along.  I went with her and decided once and for all I would figure out what it took to nip this problem in the bud.

I went in and asked a consultant what I should do.  She gave me immediate recommendations and I think it may have been the answer to my prayers.  She gave me a couple of samples of her recommendations and although I don’t do this routine everyday, on days when I know I’ll be out for an extended period of time I make sure to make my makeup last.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.58.23 AM

Starting off: Clean and prepped skin.  After I wash my face I apply Belif Aqua Bomb moisturizer.  It is literally so light and absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.  Then I go in with Cover FX Mattifying Primer.  This is easily my favorite product ever.  Not only does it keep my skin matte forever, but it also makes my foundation stick like glue until I’m ready to take my makeup off for the day.

Finishing off:  I am giving to alternatives to this, drug store and higher end.  I think the products mentioned earlier are must-haves even though their higher end because I have yet to find anything in the drug store that works as wonderfully as they do.  After my face is primed, I go in with a mattifying foundation as well.  The two I like are Clinique Mattifying Oil-Free Foundation and its less expensive alternative, NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte Not Flat Foundation.  Both have extraordinary coverage and keep my face looking fresh and smooth.  Then for powder to set everything I love Cover FX Mattifying Setting Powder and Rimmels Stay Matte Powder.

Keeping it:  Regardless of how extraordinary these products work, I still like to have something to touch up just in case.  I love throwing the Rimmel powder in my bag to touch up shine.  Or I always make sure I have some oil blotting sheets.  Clean & Clear are really popular but coffee filters work just as marvelously and they’re super inexpensive.


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