Review: Origins Retexturizing Mask


I was in the market for a new face mask to try.  I love my Lush Fresh Face Masks but sadly, the closest Lush to where I currently live is almost two hours away.  To top it off, my skin had started show the usual signs of every typical college student well into the semester (you know the usual break-outs, tired skin, etc.).  I needed to find a quick fix.

I got a small sample of this without really knowing what it was supposed to do for me.  One night I decided to just try it out.  I fell in love.  It just made my skin glow!  I could not stop touching my face even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to.  I immediately went out and purchased my own full-sized tube.  Over the past little while I’ve been using it, my skin has cleared up and absolutely glows.

It’s a pretty light pink color and has these tiny beads that help exfoliate the skin a little bit.  I always do my face masks after I exfoliate so the beads don’t really do much for me.  The rose clay gives it a fresh scent and to take it off you just gently rub with warm water in circular motions.  Pat your skin dry and follow with a light moisturizer.

They have a serum from this line as well specifically designed for women in their 20’s and 30’s whose skin just doesn’t bounce back quite like it used to.  Both of these combined are meant to brighten and revitalize skin to keep it youthful and glowing.  So far I totally agree based on the results of the mask.  I’m looking into getting a trial size of the serum to see if it does wonders as well.


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