Coffee Talks: Help in Time for Midterms


You can always tell whenever big exams, papers, and midterms are coming up because the library suddenly gets a little smaller.  Trying to find a place to sit is nearly impossible and chances are, unless you reserved a nook, you’ll wind up sitting in between the stacks on the floor.  I know I always have a hard time focusing in the library so I was in search of my perfect study location.  The first thing anybody should do when they start school in the fall is to find their ideal study space on campus.  Whether its a local coffee shop, the desk in your dorm room, a nook in the library, or a cozy corner in one of the buildings on campus, finding that perfect spot where you can sit down and concentrate on your schoolwork is important.  I have a table at one of the coffee shops just off campus where I can sit down with my cup of coffee or tea and knock out several hours of studying without a problem.

Make sure you’re also keeping check of your grades in your classes.  That way, if you notice you aren’t quite where you wanted to be you still have time to get them back up. People mention this all the time but its because it really is important, talk to your professors.  A lot of them take the time to set office hours and are more than willing to meet with their students to help them succeed.  You have to be the one to take the first step and ask for help.  Got a poor score on a test?  Ask if they’ll go over what you did wrong and learn from it.  Then make sure you prep for exams before the night before.  Cramming several weeks worth of material in an hour won’t be as beneficial come time of the exam.

Get your highlighters ready and good luck to everyone taking midterms this week!


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