Two New Loves and A New Meh

I love trying out new products!  Even when they aren’t new products I still love experiencing the love of cult products for the first time!  I have three new products that I have recently added to my collection: Bobbi Brown Blush in Tawny 2, Boscia Charcoal Deep Cleansing Stick Treatment, and Moroccanoil Light Oil.


I got a small sample of this a couple of weeks ago from Sephora.  My favorite way of testing things out is getting samples and having conversation with the people who work in makeup and beauty stores.  This is actually my meh product at the moment.  I like the clean feeling you get while you’re washing your face with this product and the refreshed feeling afterward.  What I don’t like is the application process.  Its like a big glue stick that you rub onto your face and then massage in with your hands before rinsing off.  So far I have liked the results of the product itself I just wish the packaging were a little cleaner.  the product tends to get kind of mushy and all over the lid of the container.  However, I will continue to use this to see if it will continue to make my skin look smooth and fresh.  It has done a good job of getting rid of some of the texture that I get around my chin.


I have the Morphe Brushes 9 Blush palette and absolutely adore it!  There is this bottom color in the palette that is my favorite go-to color for Fall.  When I travel or want to do my makeup everyday, I don’t want to be lugging around a giant blush palette when I know I’m only going to need the one color.  So I went out to find a dupe!  I also wanted the second single blush in case I ran out of the one in the palette since I love it so much!  Tawny 2 from Bobbi Brown is this incredibly gorgeous cranberry that has great pigmentation.  I just dab it with my brush, tap the brush off, and the color looks amazing on my cheeks (not to mention long lasting)!  I use self tanner every now and then since I have naturally fair skin and this color looks great on both dark and light skin tones!  I fell in love the moment I saw it.


Moroccan oil has been a big hair trend for the past I couldn’t even tell you how many years.  I have never been super into the hair game in the past but I’m starting to get a little more into it now.  I went to get my hair touched up over fall break and my hairdresser always used this amazing smelling stuff.  I could not stop smelling my hair all day!  I was worried about putting oil in it since its naturally so greasy but this doesn’t add to the grease whatsoever!  I even put it in my second day hair!  I would wear this as perfume if I could.  I cannot believe I was so late to jumping in this game.

Let me know if there are any new upcoming products you guys want reviews for or old favorites I should try!


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