Online Browsing


I’ll admit it, I have the horrible habit of browsing my favorite online stores and keeping long wish lists.  Online shopping is just like window shopping although you can do it from the comfort of your own bed.  Now if only the broke college life weren’t a reality…

Here are a few of my current favorite websites to browse:

Clothing – Tobi – I have talked in the past about how much I love some of their clothes.  You have to be careful with the fit and fabric of some of their pieces but once you have the sizing down, you’re golden.

Jewelry – Baublebar – This is a newer find for me.  I was never a big jewelry wearer until this past year or so.  Now I am a firm believer never to leave the house without earrings.  They have some great statement pieces as well as some smaller daintier pieces.

Cosmetics – Sephora – I know, I know I am completely guilty for browsing for products I want and always adding them to my shopping cart online.  If I end up actually purchasing them, its usually in person from the store.

Home Decor/Furniture – Overstock, Zgallerie – I love the look and style of everything from Zgalleries website.  You can find similar pieces for a smaller price tag on Overstock.  My friend and I are already looking for decorations and furniture for the house we are getting next year.

Those are just my current favorites, let me know if there are any other cool places I should be wasting my time browsing as well!


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