Coffee/College Talks: Finding That Perfect Spot on Campus


I’m sort of putting the two together today since something related to school and college is what I wanted to talk about for this coffee talk.  I’ve mentioned in past posts about finding your perfect study spot at school.  With finals looming ahead after Thanksgiving Break, I figured its the perfect time to find that study heaven if one hasn’t already.

The very first thing my mom told me to do when I headed off to school at the beginning of my Freshman year was to hunt campus.  Everyone has different methods of studying.  They also have different atmospheres where they can concentrate the most and be the most productive.  She told me that I needed to find my prime study location and atmosphere so I can work hard and get good grades.  Trust me, I have learned the hard way that my mother is always right.

For some people it could be on a bench or blanket in the quad, others may like a noisy little coffee shop and a latte, some might have a chair tucked away in the corner of the student center, while still others may prefer a desk in their own room or the library.

Personally, I have the hardest time getting anything done in all of those places except a little coffee shop right off campus.  When you walk up the steps there is a little bench tucked behind a wall near the register.  I love it when I get that table, can plug in my headphones, and just work for a straight six hours.  When people ask me what my favorite spot on campus is, thats the spot I tell them.  Im always meeting people there for group projects, meetings, friends for study sessions, literally anything.

So figure out what helps you study best and good luck hunting for the perfect study spot!


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