College/Coffee Talks: Finals


I always like to post a little finals series around the time of finals week for most schools and universities.  Typically, they include finals beauty survival and study hacks.

Today is more of a life update since at the moment I am in the middle of my finals.  I had an economics exam this morning, I have a timed writing and diagnostics test later today, and a logo animation project due Wednesday morning.  I got really lucky with my course load this semester.  Originally, I was going to head home Tuesday morning since I thought all of my finals were going to be back-to-back on Monday.  Sadly, one of my professors had written the wrong date on the syllabus so I won’t be able to head home until Wednesday afternoon.

Over the past week I have been into and out of coffee shops and quiet corners all over campus to work on my projects and study.  I am still having such a hard time believing that this semester is already almost over.  It feels like it just began but there has been so much going on it flew by in the blink of an eye.

I can’t believe everything my friends and I have been through over the past few months.  From massive floods to heartbreaks to a poor grade on an exam, there isn’t anything we haven’t been through making us stronger than ever.  Whenever my life felt like it was falling apart, the incredible people in my life were always there to help pick me back up and I am so blessed to have them.


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