Finals/ Last Minute Beauty

You can always tell when finals come around because greasy hair, big glasses, and under eye circles are always in fashion.  At least thats the way it always was for my friends and me.  My little brother used to say the higher the bun and the bigger the glasses the fewer cares given.

I refuse to give into that trend now.  This is a perfectly simple look for anyone who is going through a stressful week and wants to look put together or those who just have very few minutes to throw themselves together before running out the door.  I’ve learned this particular look has been perfect for me on a day-to-day basis while in school.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.31.31 AM

First step is a tinted moisturizer.  They provide a slight bit of color and coverage while also moisturizing your skin.  I love the one from Nars because of the amount of coverage it gives.  Most of the time I use it instead of foundation (I’m the color Groenland).

Next stepis making yourself look less zombie-like by covering up those under eye circles (I can’t be the only one who looks like they got in a fist fight and lost when they wake up in the morning) with a light weight concealer.  Personally I like using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer (in Light) because of the coverage and the price tag.  However, I recently read an article about how the French are less into covering under eye circles for the simplicity and sex appeal?  Any other thoughts on it?

Give yourself a glow!  Take a natural sunny bronzer like Lorac’s Tantilizer and dust your face with it (cheeks and forehead) so you look like you were out in the sun for a couple hours the other day.  Usually between this step and the last I set my face with a bit of powder since I tend to be on the oilier side and want my makeup to last through those late night library study sessions.

Eyebrows on fleek.  This is a current trend in makeup that I am so incredibly thankful for, bold brows.  I can barely stand to look at my eyebrows when they aren’t filled in because I think even the tiniest bit of work on them can help to perfectly frame your face.  I am currently using Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow and a small angle brush to fill mine in just a little bit for everyday wear.

I tend to go for a more natural eye on the daily.  I’ll use a crease brush and my bronzer to define my eye a little bit before adding a baby wing with liquid liner.  Currently I am using the Lancome Artliner, I just got it and am still figuring out how I like it so far.  To finish off, a couple swipes of mascara.  I love the L’Oreal mascaras.

To finish everything off, I either do a tinted lip balm or Chapstick.  During the colder months my lips get so dry that they have started bleeding.  I am constantly swiping on lip balms to keep them nice and moisturized.

All in all, this look takes about 5 minutes and makes you look a little more alive during finals!  Good luck studying up!


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