Wish List

I’m finally back again!  Finals week was crazy busy trying to study up for all of my exams and pack everything so I could make it home in time for my birthday.  I then spent a week doing absolutely nothing but relaxing with a mini “stay-cation”.  But finally I am back in Florida with my family for the holiday season.

Since Christmas is only a few days away I thought I would share my wish list.  There really isn’t anything much I could want this year, I am totally satisfied with a relaxing vacation by the beach with my family.  The stress of school (and life for that matter) start to get to me after a while and its always nice to take a break. However, there are a few things I have had my eye on for a while.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.11.00 PM

The first thing I want to mention is one of those Starbucks Travel Mugs that looks like their coffee cup.  I don’t know why but I think these are clever (and will probably save you money in the long run when you brew your own joe instead of purchasing it).  Most of my travel mugs were free promo gifts for random companies (who doesn’t love free swag?) but I wanted one that was a little cuter and a little more chic.

In the beauty world I have been eying Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and Bronzer for quite some time.  I can’t help but ooh and ahh at the colors, finish, and packaging every time I’m in a Sephora.  However, college budget doesn’t really have much wiggle room for a $60 highlighter.

I adore Kate Spade!  I mean even my apartment has Kate Spade touches and DIY glam in it.  Over the summer I was out with my mom and a woman at a perfume counter gave us some perfume samples of scents she thought we might like.  She hit it right on the money with the Kate Spade Live Colorfully perfume.  It is such a preppy, fun, girly scent that I fell in love with it.  I am also a sucker for stud earrings (and the occasional hoop, what can I say?) so I’ve taken a liking to the Kate Spade Large Clear Square Studs.

The last item on my wish list is a curling wand.  I’ve been interested in the Bellami 6-in-1 curling wand (thanks Jaclyn Hill for fueling my obsession). It is essentially six different barrels for different types of curls you can put on one handle.  I have had the same one inch curling iron from Revlon for years (still works like a champ though) and have been looking to mix it up a little in the hair department.

What are some of the things on your wish lists this year?


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