2015 Reflections


This is my last post ever for the year 2015!  It’s so crazy how quickly the years seem to fly by (I’m only 20! Life shouldn’t be moving this fast yet!).  I figured for today I would just reflect a bit on everything from this past year.

In the Spring I didn’t do a whole lot in the way of working and studying.  It wasn’t until the end of the semester when I started to whip myself in shape.  During the Summer months I dedicated myself to working full time and practicing makeup techniques.  I wanted to learn about good skincare and makeup application.  May have seemed like a waste to some but its my passion.  In the Fall I went through Recruitment on the other side and welcomed a new addition to my fam!  (Shoutout: ily Jenny and India!!)  I focused more on school and worked hard during those months for good grades and a new position.  The position and job that I wanted didn’t end up working out quite like I had hoped.  However, I had finally gotten my grades back up where I want them to be.  Although the jobs didn’t work out, all its done is motivate me to find something that will be better suited and benefit me in the long run.

This next year I want to finally take the time to focus on myself.  I tend to get so caught up in everything going on around me and what people think of me that I can lose myself or end up in a massive breakdown.  There were weeks on end where I would just find myself crying every night from stress and from being overwhelmed and from feeling like I was just disappointing those around me.  My mantra will be this: Mind. Body. Soul.  I hope to continue studying hard in school and to let my mind be at peace. I hope to eat foods and do exercises that will leave me feeling happy and energized instead of sluggish and tired like some of the foods I had been eating.  And I hope to remember to be thankful for the people around me who love me, and to go around loving others as well.  I hope to start each day with the choice of it being a good one or a bad one and always choosing for it to be good.

These may not be resolutions but I want to work to be the me I want myself to be.  Happy and healthy (both mentally and physically).  So as we wrap up 2015, I would like to wish you all a happy new year!



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