Review: Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss


I’m not usually the biggest fan of lip glosses.  I tend to always lean towards a matte lip because matte doesnt feel like its slipping all over your mouth or getting your hair caught on a windy day.  A couple of months ago I went out to dinner with one of my close friends and her mother.  After we finished eating, her mom pulled out a tube of lip gloss and applied a little.  I only got a glimpse of the packaging but could not stop looking at the beautiful color and shine that her lips now had.  I then spent the next couple of weeks trying to figure out what gloss she had and what color it was in.

One day, my friend came over with a little gift… the lip gloss I had been searching for.  She remembered me commenting on how much I loved it and asked her mom what kind it was.  On the occasion that I wear a lip gloss, this is the one I go to.  The colors of the Hourglass lip glosses are all so beautiful.  They have soft neutrals with a delicate shimmer that reminds me very much of the type of shimmer in their Ambient Lighting Powder.  I hate when lip glosses have that chunky glitter that feels gritty on your lips and never truly goes away after your wipe your mouth. They also have some fun punchy pinks and reds that arent as shimmery but still have mega shine.

If I dare say it, this was love at first sight.  Not only did I absolutely drool over how amazing it looked on my friends mom but I also loved the way it looked on myself as well. Whenever I stray from my signature matte lip, this is the little baby I reach for.  Retail at Sephora for $28.


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