Why I Went Foundation-less

Over the past several months I have been doing a little experiment, going without foundation.  Ever since around my junior year of high school I got into the habit of wearing foundation every day since my skin had gotten so bad.  By senior year I had it down to just a touch of tinted moisturizer on a daily basis since my skin had cleared up a lot.  After starting freshman year of high school, the stress of college, not eating right, lack of sleep, and lack of taking care of my skin caused it to start to break out again and wore foundation everyday.  Over the course of the first semester of my sophomore year I finally got my skin clear again and found a routine that worked for me, however I was still wearing foundation on a daily basis. I no longer saw the reason to wear foundation everyday if my skin was clear.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.41.31 AM

Here’s what I ended up finding out.  If I thought my skin was clear before I would say now the only time I would ever even get the tiniest resemblance of a blemish, its only from hormones and goes away after a day. My makeup routine takes so much less time now and my face feels less gross at the end of the day.  My skin can actually breathe! One of my biggest problems with foundation is that the color was always off.  I do a lot of self tanning and sometimes dont keep up with it as regularly as I should to keep the foundation a perfect match.  I would have to blend foundation forever to get it to look more natural if I hadn’t tanned in a while and the color was too dark.

Now I usually like to amp up the makeup routine a little more for a night out or an event.  If I feel my skin needs a little more coverage one night or even for a day I use my Nars Tinted Moisturizer to even things out if not, then I just use concealer to cover any imperfections and do a bit of highlighting.  Then I set with powder and contour.  Going out to a crowded party or event can sometimes make you feel like your face is melting or that your pores are getting more clogged by the second.  Using just a touch of concealer and powder feels so much lighter than heavy base and you still look like you have flawless coverage.

As the spring and summer months start coming around I definitely like the much lighter feeling on my skin.  In winter though, I wouldn’t mind probably pulling my foundation out again but I think it may depend on how my skin is behaving by then.

But, I have a fun little announcement to tell you guys next week!  So stay tuned in to find out what it is!!


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