Review: Simple Micellar Water

Simple Micellar Water

What is micellar water anyways and why are people making it out to be such a big deal “miracle” product?  I remember watching a YouTube video a couple of years ago from Ingrid Nilsen’s channel and watching her pour what looked like water onto a cotton round and wondering to myself why on earth someone would do that.  Well, looking back she was ahead of a skincare trend because now the rest of us are catching up.

Micellar water is no new breakthrough product.  Micellar water is essentially little beads of cleansing oil suspended in a soft water.  The idea of micelles in the beauty world has actually been around for about the last century or so and was popular in French skincare routine.  It not only has cleansing but refreshing and nourishing properties as well.  Some waters are enriched with different vitamins and minerals that are supposed to benefit the skin.

Companies have been producing micellar waters more and more recently so I decided now is better than ever to pick one up and see what all the hubbub was about.  What do you do with any trend you want to try?  Run to the drugstore (that way you don’t break bank completely on something you may realize you don’t like or that isn’t for you).  I had seen really good reviews online and heard friends rave about this product (my roommate swears by it) so I went with Simple Micellar Cleansing Water.  It looks like water, has the consistency and viscosity of water, but feels…softer than water?  After I washed my face, I put some on a cotton ball and gently wiped my face.  I was actually surprised by the residue it was able to pick up (and impressed by my face cleanser for the amount it was able to take off in the first place).  It acted almost like a toner without stripping my skin.  I don’t typically use very much of the product with each use so for me I would say this is a good amount, especially for the price point.  I know some people don’t necessarily care for this particular type solely based off the fact that they said they went through a bottle rather quickly.

So far I am loving this product from Simple.  I cant wait to play around with some of the other micellar waters on the market but for right now I am thoroughly pleased with this one.  I think it would be particularly good for those who travel and don’t have the space to take a full skincare regimen with them since its a multitasker.


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