Skincare Trial Routine

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time now, you know what I tend to have very oily and sensitive skin (as I’ve complained about numerous times before).  It didn’t used to be quite that bad until I started using Proactiv in high school when the chemicals dried my skin out so bad that it went into overdrive to produce oil and make up for it.  I have stopped using Proactiv for some time now (despite the dryness it did a decent job keeping my skin clear for the few years I used it) and have been experimenting with other skincare products since.  For a little while now I have had a routine that I thought worked well for me, it kept my skin clear but the oil production was still absolutely killing me.

I talked with a skincare specialist in Sephora not too long ago and she mentioned that the best way to combat oil was with oil.  By adding oil, your body gets tricked into thinking it doesn’t have to produce as much and over time starts producing less. The goal isn’t to make my skin dry but just to get it to where it isn’t producing quite as much oil.  So I am testing out that theory for the next couple of months and reporting back at the end of it to see if it actually works.



I didn’t change much as far as my morning routine goes.  I still use the Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment (its sensitive enough for my skin to not freak out as well as good for keeping it clear) followed by a light moisturizer.  I like the Belif Aqua Bomb because it isn’t oil based so it absorbs right into my skin and its so luxurious feeling.  Then I love the Origins GinZing Eye Cream.  It has a bit of shimmer and caffeine to instantly brighten up my under-eye area.


Skin Care Trial Run

This is the part of my routine I changed up the most.  To start the evening and remove all of my makeup I have been using a gentle oil cleanser.  I’m testing out different ones at the moment and think I am between L’Occitane, Josie Maran, and Philosophy.  Once I’ve rinsed my face I go in with a micellar water to get whatever residue is left off.  Currently I’ve been using the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and have been loving the results (as well as the price tag! Read my full review here).  Once my skin has dried, I apply a nice night cream or moisturizer and an eye cream.  I am currently still on the hunt for the perfect moisturizing and brightening night cream as well as a good restorative and moisturizing eye cream.  I’ve noticed that the Origins GinZing eye cream isn’t super moisturizing (just good for under eye circles) so I want one for night that does the moisturizing job.

By the time I finished my routine I look like an absolute grease ball but b.  I know I haven’t been using this routine for very long but I am already loving the results!  My skin is clear and softer than ever.  So I will continue to be following this regimen in the meantime to see if I can prove the theory true.


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