Review: Boots No. 7 Perfect Foundation


I’ve mentioned in previous posts how normally I don’t like to wear foundation on a daily basis.  I typically like to use a foundation on days when I want a little more coverage or whenever I have an event.  I also love trying out fun drugstore products that get rave reviews (who doesn’t love finding an amazing product for a fraction of the cost?).  My summer foundations had finally gotten too dark for me to use as we transition into Fall so I picked this little beauty up from the drugstore one day since I had heard some pretty decent reviews on it.

I love the frosted glass bottle used for the packaging but it does kind of throw you off when trying to color match.  This particular foundation is hypo-allergenic so its supposed to be good for even the most sensitive of skin types.  It also has SPF in it, something my daily moisturizer lacks.  Although I’m not opposed to using SPF in foundation, it does cause it for reflect light weird in photographs, something I don’t particularly like since I mainly use foundation when going out (and having my picture taken).

I’ve worn it all day a few times and do like how it holds up.  I know with how oily my skin tends to be I can’t expect a foundation to last me alll day but during the hours of my day where I am working or at school, it actually lasts.  I don’t notice it breaking up or slipping around on my skin three hours into my day.  I’ve found the coverage to be sheer-medium (a little more on the medium side) and only slightly buildable.  I still go in quite a bit with concealer if there’s something I’m trying to cover up.  It leaves your skin with a sort of fresh and dewey finish.  I set it with a bit of powder in certain areas and it turns it into more of a velvet finish.  The color is a surprisingly close match for my current skin tone.  It doesn’t seem like a good match when I first start applying it but as I blend and finish my foundation routine it ends up being perfect regardless if I have a little bit of a tan that day or not.

Overall, I think this would be a great foundation for everyday use.  I don’t think I would recommend it for events or special occasions (maybe something a little more full coverage without SPF) but I do like it.  I’ll definitely be reaching for it on the days when I feel my skin just needs a little more oomph than usual.

Retails at drugstores for $15.99


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