The Final Christmas Countdown

The holidays are upon us in full swing!  This is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to spend it with my family and friends (corny, I know but it’s true).  For the past two years I posted a sort of wish list for the year.  Its a list of things I’ve had my eye on throughout the year and great potential gift ideas for those of you who are a little bit of a last minute shopper (like myself).


One thing I’ve really been into this year is contouring, not extreme but a faint contour that lightens and lifts the face for everyday wear (I know strobing has been the new craze but I still like faint definition).  There are two particular products that have peaked my interest in that category.  The first is new from Kat von D, her popular Shade + Light Contour Palette was made with refillable pans.  I love contour palettes because they offer a wide range of shades that work year-round.  Personally I love using self tanner, the different shades are perfect for the different levels of tan my skin goes through.  The second product is a contour pen.  I’ve really been getting into cream products for contouring and hate having to lug around a giant palette when I travel.  Most of the contour pens I’ve seen are typically big pens but this one from Burberry is slim and super blendable.  The color is light too so you can just blend it with your fingers and not have to worry about it looking wrong in any way.

I always love giving and getting scents for presents.  The Burberry London Eau de Parfum is a scent I have been going crazy for lately.  Its so warm and sophisticated plus the packaging has a cute little sweater around the bottle.  Another scent I have been loving is the newer Beige perfume from Chanel.  Sadly its only available in the larger retailers that carry Chanel but could be easily ordered online.  I also love gifting candles in yummy scents.  Bath & Body Works always has delicious scents for the holidays and the different seasons as well as great deals in case you want to get several.

I always ask for travel mugs every year.  I love drinking tea and coffee at any time of the day so having travel mugs is a must for me.  I don’t care what kind of mug it is or what it looks like as long as it keeps my drink warm or cold.  I’ve heard wonderful things about the Yeti cups and have a knock-off one myself that works marvelously.  I made tea before driving home for break and 7 hours later it was still warm!

I included clothing and a few accessories on this list as well.  I needed new business wear and a suit so that was one of my big things this year.  I also had been wanting a nice delicate neutral watch lately.  Something with a thin nude band like the Fossil one above and a small face so it wouldn’t be overwhelming on my wrist.  I love watches from Charming Charlie’s though because they can be used as a fun accessory and they run for a long time with a tiny price tag if you have a fashionista friend who loves being timely!  The last fashion item is a pair of white Adidas sneakers.  I’ve been in love with them forever and have noticed they’ve started to become a big trend this past year so it makes for a great gift as well.  Dress them down with a tshirt and shorts or do casual chic with some cute jeans and a fun top, they’re a clean comfortable shoe which makes them perfect to go with everything!

The very last thing I included on this list is probably ideal for those getting further along in a business degree or a recent/soon-to-be graduate.  A padfolio is an amazing gift for them.  They’re clean and practical but can be done up in a cute professional way.  There are some really nice ones on the market (my favorite are the ones from Leatherology) to keep all of their papers in place.  It may not be as exciting as some other gifts but trust me when I say they’re incredible once you start using it!

That concludes my list of gift ideas (with a few things I’ve been eyeing thrown in) this year.  Let me know what kinds of fun gifts you guys like giving or some of the things you’ve had your eyes on as well!


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