Holiday Stress

As much as I love this time of year, there is always a high stress level that comes with it.  Everyone wants to be able to sit back and enjoy spending time with family while getting into the holiday spirit but they cant.  Deadlines are due since the end of the year is rolling around, gifts have to be thought of and purchased (and wrapped), travel plans can quickly become chaotic, and the loved ones who couldn’t be with us are remembered.  It can get to the point where you swear if you hear Jingle Bell Rock one more time you’re going to lose your mind and tear out your car stereo with your bare hands.  Here are a few ways I’ve found work to help keep the stress levels down and take care of myself.


The holidays are known for all the delicious food thats eaten.  I would absolutely indulge myself for the few weeks I had off from school.  It wasn’t until I realized how icky I felt at the start of the new semester when it hit me that it was because of my eating habits.  This season is full of wonderful treats and you definitely should enjoy them but just keep in mind when and how many.  I really try to limit myself as much as I can until Christmas itself or the day before with the occasional sweet on the days leading up to and following.  This is also the time of year I work a little extra hard to eat clean and drink lots of water to keep from snacking.  A great cup of warm tea is also perfect to unwind from a long day.

Pampering myself is another way I’ve learned to de-stress.  Taking long, yummy smelling bubble baths, doing a face mask, painting my nails, wearing fuzzy socks, putting on a silky body butter, anything to make me feel good.  You can take a bit of time out for yourself to not worry about anything for a little while.  If there is something on the brain or you cant stop scrolling through all of the things you need to do, making lists helps get everything out so you can actually take a deep breath.  Once you’re done pampering yourself, you’ll feel good as new to start tackling your list (and who doesn’t love being able to cross things that are finished off with one big satisfactory swoosh?).


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