OOTD: Winter Workwear

I honestly didn’t know what to call this outfit.  It is one of my favorites to wear to work when its business casual.  It looks well put together but at the same time is so extremely comfortable that you hardly notice you’re at work.  My friends all say I look like a cute librarian when I wear this outfit but thats totally fine, I love my books.


It should be no secret that I love turtle neck sweaters and tops, I own several of them and wear them often.  I have a long sleeved cream colored top that I put with a longer bright blue pencil skirt that hits just past my knees.  If I were taller I may be able to wear flats with this particular skirt but because I’m a little on the shorter side I wear a neutral camel colored heel to add length to my legs since the skirt is so long.  Then I usually always carry some sort of neutral bag.  I keep my jewelry simple with this look by adding a pair of studs (how adorable are these little giraffes?  I found them while making this and just about died since they’re my favorite animal!) and a watch.  I typically don’t wear watches as much on a daily basis.  A big reason is because most of mine are bigger decorative pieces from Charming Charlies but I’ve noticed that while working I like to be able to glance down and check the time without having to pull my phone out or search the room for a clock.  Spending large amounts of time on a mobile phone while at work doesn’t look good to bosses so I limit it as much as possible.  For the looks final touches, I like to keep my face bright with maybe a little neutral light brown eye shadow, a few swipes of mascara and a pretty blushy rose pout.  Its no lie that Gerard Cosmetics produces some of my favorite lip products and I have yet to get my hands on their liquid lipsticks (but I am loving this color and may have to finally get some).


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