2017 Reading List

I have decided that I need to create a sort of reading list for myself so I don’t fall out of it like I had in the past.  Please, please don’t be a resolution that I let go of! I think a great goal to strive for is to read at least 1-2 books a month.  I have a book for every month on my list as well as two additional titles, then if any good books come out or catch my eye on top of it then I’ll add those in.  It’s a bit of a random list but I am alternating a classic (going along hand-in-hand with yesterday’s post) with a career building type of book.  I am young and still starting out preparing for a career after graduation so I figured I would need to add some of them in.


And if any of you want to try this with me I have a PDF version of this list here:


I definitely think it will be a challenge but I think it will be fun!  I loved getting back into reading this past year and now that I have gotten rid of my Netflix account (*gasp* I know but it was something I felt needed to be done, too much time was being wasted on it) this will be my new way to spend free time instead of mindlessly watching hours of Friends.


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