Another Semester


For a lot of you in school, this is usually the week when the Spring semester gets started.  It’s always great to get back and see all of your friends (maybe show off a tan if you were one of the fortunate ones to go someplace warm and sunny over break) but there’s also a lot of dread that comes with this semester.  The Fall semester is football season, everyone is either getting to campus for the first time or at least for the first time in months, the weather is warm and sunny, you get to open and use your super cute school supplies for the first time, move into a new apartment or dorm, overall it’s just an exciting time but before you know it, it’s over.  Spring semester you have to come back (and maybe deal with something you hoped to have left behind in the last semester), the weather is cold, the excitement wears off a bit quicker, there aren’t as many sport events going on, your bank account is a lot lower at the start of this semester than the last, and being completely honest this is the one that just seems to drag on. It feels longer and the cold weather certainly doesn’t help keep spirits up (unless you absolutely love the cold).

What I am about to say may seem a little corny or overachieving but use that beginning excitement to get a head start on classes and getting organized.  My roommate and I are cleaning our house, getting a jump start on assigned readings, filling in all dates and assignments in our planners, printing out class notes and syllabi, anything we can that would be drudge work later on down the road.  If we use the renewed energy doing those things, we lighten ourselves up to be able to have more fun down the road when things get really boring/mundane/annoying.  Being proactive can make things so much easier and allow more room for fun (even if they aren’t necessarily fun in the moment). If you’re a junior or senior planning on going to grad school (or in high school planning to go to college) start cracking open those entrance exam prep books and develop a study plan. If your bank funds were a little lower than you hoped, start seeing what places to apply to (if you get those applications in before everyone else gets back to campus you’ll increase your chances of having something right off the bat). If you’re a blogger like myself who wants to really better the experience for their readers and grow their blog, work on a business plan or media strategy or running content idea list.

I know that a popular resolution at the start of every new year is to get back in shape or lose those holiday pounds before spring break. That’s wonderful! We should all be working on treating our bodies well! But for those of you on a college campus who want to start hitting up the recreational center after classes I would find a different time. Workout first thing in the mornings or later in the evening when the gym isn’t as crowded to optimize your time there. There are also some really great online workouts you can do at home or subscribe to. I personally get emails everyday with a workout for me to do that day right in my very own living room that are challenging but fun.

So let’s go out and tackle this semester with as much force and energy as we did last semester!


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