The End of an Era


Could it be that we have finally reached the end of an era?  A few years back Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram of her face covered with dark and light lines while her makeup artist was working on her. Thus the age of the contour was born. Before we knew it, everyone was obsessed with having perfectly smooth and sculpted cheekbones. Even I jumped on board back in high school and would brush my too-orange bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks in hopes for that Kim K. ferocity while instead making my face look streaky and ruddy (hey, I tried right?). So many companies came out with contouring kits, thousands of tutorials and YouTube videos popped up and classes were even offered specifically on the subject. I took the class at Sephora for Beauty Insiders two summers ago to try to perfect my technique.

As 2016 came to an end, so did contouring. Granted, it is still widely popular but it is on the slow decline. More and more beauty gurus and makeup artists are opting for more natural looks. Strobing became a trend a couple of years ago as an alternative to dark contouring. One simply blends or sweeps a shimmery or dewy highlighter onto the high points of the face. When the light hits it, it lifts the face creating a natural looking contour without the pigments. It didn’t take off quite as much at the time but now it seems to be in higher demand in the beauty world. I never was a fan of using highlighters everyday as much as I am now because I thought they would make my face look greasy. But about a month ago I set down my Anastasia cream contour palette and just used blush and a bit of an illumanizer when I was in a hurry that morning. The result? Absolute love. All day I loved how fresh and bright my face seemed. I felt like I looked mature, classic and still youthful.

I will never fully give up my contour. I still love it for events, going out or days when I want to feel a little more oomph to my look (again who doesn’t want to have the perfect facial structure of Kim K.?). I also still use bronzer sometimes as a replacement for blush to give my face for of a sunkissed look but I don’t use it to contour on a daily basis. I am loving this trend so far and hope it continues to take off. I am also excited to see what other trends become big in this upcoming year!


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