College Talk: Why I Joined a Professional Fraternity


I’ve mentioned being in a social sorority before and have several posts regarding formal sorority recruitment.  I loved being a part of Greek life!  Freshman year it meant everything to me to be able to escape everything going on in life to go hang out with my sisters at the house.  It was so convenient when I lived on campus and wasn’t as involved in other organizations to devote my time to it.  Now that I’m a few years in, my time had started to divide between it and other things.  I’ll be the first to admit that I probably was a little more focused on the social aspect of college my first year rather than working or studying as much.  By my sophomore year, I hard started to focus on classes and a future career more than being the ultimate social butterfly.  Back in the spring I tried rushing a business fraternity (there are a lot of professional fraternities that are co-ed) just to try it and see what it would be like.  I didn’t get in at the time but the experience really helped me shape what it was that I wanted to do.  It also gave me an invaluable look into the professional world.  Any professional fraternity will give you a taste and help develop you as a young professional in your field.  Similar to social sororities or fraternities, they may be for you or they may not.  I always, always suggest at least going to a rush event or two before deciding its something you want to do or not.  One of the nice things about them is that they tend to have rush every semester so if you change your mind or don’t get in the first time you have another chance. By the time the fall semester started, I had a clear plan of exactly what I needed to do to get where I wanted to go.

With professional organizations you don’t rush multiple at a time like with Panhellenic sororities.  I didn’t have the choice to visit every business fraternity’s rush events and then go through a process of elimination with every round.  You rush them individually meaning that there isn’t a guarantee of a bid at the end of it all.  For many of the members, it took them two or even three tries rushing to get a bid.  It isn’t uncommon or should make one feel bad if they didn’t get one.  The members will think very highly of you for improving yourself and going back out there to try again.  After receiving a bid the pledging process begins.  It’s nothing like what you hear about pledging in movies and TV shows I promise!  It is tiresome and time consuming (my pledge class had a surprisingly large number of juniors so we all knew the struggle of trying to manage pledging with intense course loads, jobs and obligations to other organizations we were a part of) but we weren’t hazed in the slightest.  We had the opportunity to meet all of the brothers in the chapter and learn about the fraternity and its history during the pledging process.  Since the beginning of the semester, I have seen how much I’ve grown not only personally but as a young woman preparing for a career in business.  I love my organization and everything that it has given me and will continue to give me.


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