Coffee Talks: Having a Productive Morning


The morning is my favorite time of the day. I hate when I sleep in and miss all of it because to me it is when I am most productive. I personally believe the way one spends their morning can be a determinant of how the rest of their day goes. If you have a good morning where you get a lot done then you have a great day, if your morning is rushed and hectic then the day is going to drag and be all over the place. Here are some of the things I love doing in the mornings to make sure I have a good day and maintain high productivity.

  1. Actually waking up early. On days off or days when my classes don’t start until late, I don’t want to sleep in. Sometimes I do, it’s always good to let your body get the rest it needs but on those days I usually act like a lazy bum and don’t get anything done. On those days when I do have things going on, I wake myself up with more than enough time to get ready and relax. Instead of waking up 30 min before I have to leave (and feeling rushed, unfinished, like I’m missing something all day) I try to wake up at least 1 1/2- 2 hours before I have to leave. That way I can take my time to make sure I’m completely ready and have everything.
  2. Listening to music. Music always puts me in a good mood when I’m getting ready for things. It can amp you up for the day or help you relax if you’re feeling stressed out over something. Just be sure not to wake the roommate up with it.
  3. My coffee. Caffeine is my addiction but I honestly cannot get my day started without it. A day without coffee is usually those lazy bum days when I sleep in. It wakes up my senses and helps me clear my head from the dreamy haze I had during sleep.
  4. Writing a daily to-do list. Most mornings I like to double check my calendar and agenda and write down everything I have to do that day. I put the list in my agenda that I keep with me during the day so I can use it as a reference and cross things off I get done. I write down everything from assignments, to meetings, to important emails that I have to send, phone calls to make, etc.
  5. Attempting a morning workout. I don’t go to the gym or workout every morning but on some mornings it’s good to get your body moving, blood flowing and energy up. Whether its a few yoga poses to an intense hiit workout, you can go throughout your day feeling good about having already got your exercise in. That way when you’re tired at the end of the day you don’t have to feel guilty for watching Netflix instead of hitting the gym.
  6. Browsing news headlines. I like having a general sense of the things going on. If an article headline interests me then I’ll read it but most of the time I just scroll through to get an idea.
  7. Eating a good breakfast. Breakfast and brunch are my favorite meals. If I eat a good healthy meal in the mornings then I feel clean and energized for the rest of my day. Heading to class on an empty stomach is just going to leave me feeling distracted thinking about what I’ll have for lunch instead of focusing on the lecture. Fueling your body and brain can lead to better concentration in class so studying for those exams later on isn’t such a drag.

As much as everyone gives me grief for waking up at 5:30 every morning to do all of this. I really do believe it helps shape the rest of my day. I like taking my time focusing on myself and getting ready. Having a routine that makes you feel good will only help make waking up for work or class that much easier since it becomes something you look forward to. If you’re someone who doesn’t like waking up early to do all of this, maybe have a nightly routine that is similar so you prepare for your day in advance. It also makes getting up and ready easier since almost everything is already done.


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