Coffee Talks: Mentors and Support Groups


With my business fraternity’s rush going on this past week it made me realize how important having groups in your life to support you truly are.  You need groups to support the different aspects of your life to encourage you and pick you back up if you fall down. Your closest group of besties are great for emotional support or stating that they’ll “light her on fire” about a random person who gives you a stank eye at a party but I want to focus more on academic and career support groups.

High school and college are hard. In high school you have to balance all of your extracurriculars on top of 7 hours of classes (including the hours of homework that comes along with each one), studying for SATs or ACTs, part time jobs, family and a social life. In college its a similar scenario but the class schedules are absolute wacko, you’re potentially hours away from family (so instead of spending time with them, that time is spent being homesick and missing them), and trying to find jobs or internships. Finding a mentor helps tremendously. Having a teacher or professor that inspires you, pushes you and who wants to help you succeed academically or in your career is so beneficial. Build relationships with them because they could help write that letter of recommendation that gets you that job or an acceptance letter from your dream school.

On top of having someone as a mentor, having a group of people to surround yourself with who are supportive is also super beneficial. I will use my pledge class (pictured above after we were initiated) and my fraternity as an example. Each brother is so driven, ambitious, motivated and dedicated that you can’t help but be inspired by them. They all want to be successful and help you succeed too. Building relationships with them and networking with them has opened so many doors and inspired me to accomplish things that I previously may not have thought possible for myself. They want to help me in my career and find an amazing internship for this upcoming summer that could lead to a job offer for after college. I want the same for them. We build one another up and help each other to accomplish our goals. They are more than willing to learn from one another and push one another to be the best they can. It doesn’t have to be in the business world. Whatever my endeavors they will be there by my side helping me through and encouraging me.


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