The Power of a Glass of Wine with Friends


Yesterday I talked about how important having groups of people in your life can be to support you (especially in school and in your career) but today I want to also take the time to appreciate those groups of people who don’t judge you when you start crying over pictures of Yorkshire Terrier puppies. I love meeting people and making new friends everywhere but one can never underestimate the adoration one has for those closest to them.

This came as a realization to me the other night. To me it was a typical Monday, trying to power-horse my way throughout the entire day in an attempt to makeup all that I had missed the previous week from pneumonia. From the moment I woke up that morning I had been going all day catching up on reading, homework assignments, classes, etc. until about 7 in the evening when my roommate asked me to go with her and a few other close friends to get outfits for an upcoming event. I ended the mental debate between staying home and reading my textbook vs. going to the mall when I already had my outfit planned by putting on my boots and coat. We picked up our friends and browsed through some stores finding those final pieces everyone needed. Following that was a spontaneous dinner of avocado rolls and a glass of red wine.

Sitting and chatting with them was everything I needed to decompress from my day. I love powering through Monday’s and getting as much as I can done so there is less to do during the rest of the week. Being honest, they’re one of my favorite days of the week because of that high productivity level but they can leave me frazzled and exhausted. Spending quality time with quality friends is a perfect reason for me to add finishing the rest of that chapter onto my list of things to do the next day. When it hit me that two of them were graduating in a matter of months I cherished my moments spent with them, whether or not there are glasses of wine involved.

Classes and work are a part of life. My friends are my stress relievers, energizers and inspirations. Without them there is no way I would be a functioning human being. If they can inspire me to write a post after just having one dinner with them at the end of a long day, there’s no telling what I’ll do in life with them by my side.


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