Early Swimsuit Shopping & Steals


Although the spring semester of classes just started, you can already hear rumblings of spring break talk around campus. Full disclaimer, I haven’t gone swimsuit shopping in years. During my summers, I spent my days working full time and avoiding the sun (I am a huge proponent for faux tanning for a large number of reasons) so I never felt the need to update my collection. Maybe I would get a new suit if I was already out shopping and stumbled across one I liked that wasn’t outrageously priced but then I would have it for years until it finally got old and dingy. However, I am about to spend my summer in southern Florida (update on why that is later on) and my spring break in Destin with friends and realized that I would need some summer clothes and new swimsuits within the next few months. Like I said, I don’t really buy swimsuits and when clothing shopping I tend to steer towards sweaters and flannels (not cute summery tops and shorts). Updating and entire part of one’s wardrobe can seem daunting and expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive places I’ve found to look for some swimsuits over the past couple of weeks.

  1. ASOS: although on the more expensive side of the scale, ASOS also carries some designer labels. You can keep your search free from those and look at their ASOS brand name pieces, they tend to be less expensive and cute.
  2. Forever 21: I’ve heard complaints about this company before but honestly, I find them to be a great way to try out new trends for less. Swimsuit styles change every other year or so. Having a company that produces those trends for such a small amount means you won’t be breaking bank every time a new style comes out.
  3. H & M: One of my new favorite places to get business suit pieces but I’ve also come to be a fan of their swimsuit collections. This is similar to Forever 21 in the fact it won’t break bank but has affordable trending styles as well.
  4. Target: Can you blame a girl? They always have the essential pieces on top of a decent number of fun prints and styles. Also a really great place to go if you’re looking to spend very little.
  5. American Eagle: Slightly more expensive than most of the ones mentioned but another one of my favorites. They also don’t tend to have as wide of a selection but usually always have pieces that are trending. Their color ranges are what draw me in every time.

It is definitely still early to be already shopping for swimsuits but I will say that over the next few months, there will be huge collections and deals coming out right and left. They come in so many different prints and colors that if smart about it, can be mixed and matched into endless combinations. Only buying two or three suits and ending up with over 12 different suit combinations is an absolute win in my book.


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