Getting Over The I-Don’t-Feel-Like-Its

I like to think I’m an organized person who has their entire life sorted out and who is always on top of things. Truth is, I’m not. Textbook definition hot mess (always late despite waking up two hours earlier than usual, forgetting things like assignments or house keys, etc.). At least I always remember to put my  lipstick on.

There is one specific reason that I am that way though and its because I get severe cases of the I-don’t-feel-like-its. I could work on that homework assignment after it was assigned and I have an extra hour in my day but instead I don’t feel like it so I watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. I could prep my lunches for work at the beginning of the week but I would so much rather sit with a good book and glass of wine. I could always put my clothes away when I change after work or the gym, but it is just so much easier to drop them on my floor or bed and then root through them the next morning to find my other shoe.

Some days, I think it’s a good thing to sit back and relax instead of constantly charging ahead but I also think that taking those additional few minutes to hang your jacket back up are also important. Its a mindset, if there is one thing out then the brain kind of assumes that it will be okay to leave out another item. Before you know it, that one jacket has turned into an entire crumpled wardrobe on the floor and a small pile of dirty coffee cups and snacks on your dresser. What could have only taken a few minutes turns into a decent chunk of time cleaning everything up again (or rushing on an assignment and not doing as well as you could have or running late in the morning because you had to pack a lunch only to have forgotten it as you walked out the door). It happens to me more frequently than I would like to admit.

Over the past few weeks I have really been making a conscious effort to be proactive and not end up a “hot mess” everyday. I started planning my meals out each week and doing a little bit of prep work (so I don’t get home and end up eating a can of plain chickpeas for dinner). I pack my bag for work and lay out outfits the night before so getting ready is easier in the morning. I actually read my textbook for my online class during the week instead of saving all of my reading and studying for the night before an exam (although usually its when I’m multitasking by walking on the treadmill at the gym- at least I’m trying). Little things everyday that don’t take much time but end up saving a lot. The goal is to try to build habits for myself that just become a natural part of my lifestyle.

Another thing that I’ve found extremely helpful in getting over the I-don’t-feel-like-its is unplugging more often. I wasn’t ever GLUED to my phone but I was using it quite a bit and relatively often throughout the day. Every night as part of my routine, I put my phone on the opposite side of the room and leave it on sleep mode for the rest of the night. Then I like to read for roughly 30 minutes (currently working my way through Wuthering Heights from my book list) to help me completely unwind. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a little me-time and relax after a long day.


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