Minimalism and Forced Creativity

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.55.43 PM

I love going all out. I love being extra. I love always having everything in case I were to ever need it. When it came to travel, I always took extra outfits and articles of clothing to change up my original outfit plans depending on weather or activity. However, it always became a much bigger deal when I would move. I didn’t go too crazy freshman year of college with all of the dorm “essentials.”  Even moving into my off-campus apartment my sophomore year I was still able to fit most everything in my car.  Moving out of my house this past month was a struggle because I could hardly see out of any of the windows and I ended up having to leave a lot of things behind or throwing them out.

This summer I am interning in southern Florida. That meant I had three weeks after finals to move out of my house at school, unpack everything at home and then repack it all to travel to the sunshine state for two months. I was not about to lug all of those things around with me (besides that, driving without any visibility for 15 hours is a dangerously bad idea). It’s in times like that when Pinterest becomes one’s best friend. I kept looking up all of the pins about packing in carry-on bags or “15 pieces 30 different ways” to help me plan out a wardrobe that included enough to work for my internship and normal wear. Everything I brought to Florida (including hygiene and apartment necessities) were stripped down to the basics. I felt so amazing while packing up my car and realizing how little room everything took up.

The most challenging aspect is constantly coming up with new variations and combinations of the basic pieces to keep them fresh. I constantly find myself falling into the same outfit patterns and wearing them over. It takes time figuring out how to rework outfits and accessories to keep them looking brand new even though you’ve already worn them about a hundred times. I’m creating a post series for the remaining 9 weeks of my internship of how I rework each piece. There won’t be huge variations between every single outfit but it’ll be enough to wear I’m not wearing the same exact thing every time. It’s forcing me to get inspired. The real question is, can I keep it up for the time remaining? I suppose we’ll see.


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