Fitness You Love


I am sure that I have said it before but in case I haven’t here it is, I am in no way an expert on health/nutrition/fitness. But I do love taking care of myself and feeling good everyday, whether it is through diet or exercise. I have talked before about Paleo diets, something that I would do off and on as a way to hit a refresh button. I’ll post again about it more later on but today I wanted to focus more on exercise.

I don’t like working out. I have to lug myself to the gym, figure out what the hell I want/need to do while there, pretend I know how to use the machine and then go home to shower off the sweat so I don’t breakout. It’s time consuming and painful. I get tired trying to schedule my mornings or evenings around the gym. It’s like a chore almost.

These past few months though I have started loving to workout and the reason is because I have found something that I enjoy doing and feel empowered by. Call me basic but I adore cycle classes. I stopped dreading trying to fit the gym in but started to plan my day around a class because I wanted to go so bad. I felt so good walking into a class and even better walking out. To top it off, they’re great workouts!

I’m not saying that cycling is the answer for everyone’s gym woes but I am saying that once you find something you love, it makes working out so much more fun. Going to the gym won’t be a chore anymore but it’ll be something that you are eager to go to however many times a week. If you’re someone looking to get active, most fitness centers offer a wide range of classes that give discounts or free classes if its a first time in that class. Try them out, see what you like. If you don’t like a class environment try out other forms of exercise. It doesn’t have to be something that is done every single day but maybe a couple times a week. Its an energy booster (like drinking a cup of coffee without the caffeine).

Also, and this is a little side note, drag some friends with you if you go to check out the classes. It helps with motivation and makes it a lot more fun to experience. My friend and I would go cycle together and chitchat in the back of the room half of the time and head somewhere to eat afterwards. Its a great way to catch up with friends and turn a boring activity into a fun event!


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