Online Summer Classes


I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for an online class back in April. I wanted to work ahead with an extra few credit hours over the summer to help ease my oncoming senioritis this next year and figured adding a class would help. It needed to be online since I wouldn’t be on campus for the entirety of the summer.

Let’s get something straight right now though, I am terrible when it comes to anything online. Horrible! I forget assignments right and left or am always submitting them late. I know it makes me look like a lazy student who doesn’t care about their grade but no matter how many times I write it down or tell myself to do it, I always forget.

I haven’t taken an actual online course before but I have taken several where there are homework assignments and quizzes due several times each week. I can never keep track of which ones are due on what date or that there is an assignment in the first place since I physically go to class everyday.

So you can see why I was so hesitant about how well this class would go (especially since I have another online finance class in the fall semester). However, it’s actually gone pretty well. Thankfully the only thing I have during the day is internship but exams during the weekend have been difficult trying to make time for since I just want to be out exploring.

What I love the most about online classes is you can work semi at your own pace. Some days I may be swamped with work and others I don’t have nearly as many things I need to get done. It’s then that I sit down and crank out a couple of chapters and lecture videos. The hardest part is still remembering when assignments are but I have started blocking off a section of my day (every Thursday) to sit down and do all of my assignments for that week. Knock on wood but I haven’t missed an assignment yet!

Every school has different requirements or rules with regards to courses that can be taken online, over the summer and/or located at a different school to transfer (I have plenty of friends who take classes at local schools in their hometowns that they can count as credits for their universities). Just be sure to check with an adviser before signing up for anything. You don’t want to go through the whole process of registration, tuition payment and studying to have it count for nothing. They may also be able to help with financial aid for those summer courses.



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