A Week’s Worth of Outfits Days 6-10

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.31.43 PM

I am still figuring out how exactly I want to stylize this post series with outfit photos and titles. Regardless, I really love how easy it is to plan my outfits but how creative I need to get to keep them fresh. The weekends are when I don’t worry about wearing the same thing twice or being super casual so I’m not including them in the series.

Monday: I wore my black pants from Ann Taylor, a white cold shoulder blouse from Express and a light pink blazer from H&M. For shoes I wore my simple nude heels from Justfab. I wore my hair in a straightened blowout.

Tuesday: I wore a black and white checked dress from Old Navy (it was more white than black as opposed to the one in the picture) with a light blue linen blazer from (Gap? I’m still not sure). Then the same nude heels. I love how the lining of the blazer is white and black polka dots because it created a fun cute contrast with the dress. I had some with my hair creating two french braids that turned into one, then I twisted that one braid around and pinned it into a low bun.

Wednesday: I needed professional and practical. I wore a bright blue blouse from Ann Taylor with some black and white checked pants from Old Navy (more black than white, opposite of the dress I wore the day before) and my nude heels. Again, I wore my hair in a straightened blowout.

Thursday: The experimental day! There was a PR photoshoot in one of our store locations so I wanted to dress up a bit and have some fun. I wore a fitted white button down in a full khaki skirt. It had a little bow on the side and I got it from Goodwill (best purchase ever!). I pulled out some fun heels, black and white polka dot strappy heels from Justfab. I attempted a new Cindy Crawford-esque hairstyle with big beautiful voluminous curls (it turned out so-so, I’m working on perfecting it).

Friday: I had a team t-shirt for an event that morning that was a white and gray baseball tee. I wanted to wear boyfriend jeans but it was too baggy overall so I tucked the shirt into some skinny jeans from Levi. I was running around a lot so I just threw on some brown ballet flats from Target (I wear my flats so often I don’t bother spending much on them since I know they’ll be demolished within a year). I attempted my Cindy Crawford curls again with a bit more success.

Like I said, I have been loving experimenting with different clothes combinations these past two weeks so hopefully I can keep it up for 7 more!


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