Coffee Talks: Hitting the Reset Button


This post is more for about what I do when I am feeling drab. As in, I have no motivation and I feel gross and I feel like my life is falling all over the place. It can become a nasty rut for me and snowballs until I end up having an anxiety attack from being so overwhelmed with everything around me. Full disclaimer, the drab feeling is usually after a long weekend of doing nothing and being lazy (it is the initial little pile of snow the is about to roll down the hill collecting). I noticed I need to nip it in the bud quick, the earlier in my week the better.

This past weekend is a prime example, hence why this is what I wanted to talk about today. I had company staying with me over the weekend and we had a wonderful time continuing to explore the city and relax with friends. We wined and dined and spent lazy afternoons in the sun. Honestly, it was wonderful! By the time Monday rolled around I wanted to stay in that sunny haze weekend mindset rather than jump back into work and planning out my week. So I sit down, write out a list of everything I need to do that week (i.e. like school assignments and housework) and allocate certain tasks for certain days so it doesn’t seem as bad.

The first thing I like to do is to get back to my usual diet. Going to restaurants and drinking wine is fun but leaves my body feeling a little bleh. I typically stick to a diet with as few grains, dairy products, and additives, like salt and sugar, as possible. Monday, I still ate leftover pizza and cookies from the weekend but this morning I packed a clean lunch and snacks while chugging lemon water. I like to meal plan and prep as I’ve mentioned before so tonight is prepping central for the rest of the week. Another one of the best ways to reignite my body is to drink lots of water. I have the terrible habit of not getting enough water but I work to try drinking at least two glasses before each meal and sip throughout the rest of the day.

The second thing I like to do may seem the silliest but it helps me so much. I do what my mother always told me growing up and clean my room. I throw all my dirty clothes, towels and linens in the wash (because starting the week out with clean, fresh scented sheets, warm towels, and a plethora or wardrobe options is almost enlightening). While those are being cleaned, I go around picking up whatever else is out. At first it always seems like a daunting task but in the end, it only takes ten minutes maximum.

These last two are combined since they’re short and focus on the body as well. My skin always needs a little pick-me-up so I pull out a brightening, purifying face mask and exfoliate my body. Sounds simple but it perks me right up. I also do something active. It doesn’t have to be a full body intense workout that makes me stop halfway through to cry for a moment about the pain, just something as simple as walking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes. It reawakens my muscles so I don’t feel weak and lazy but strong and powerful. That strength never leaves me if I spend a few days on my bum but can leave if I don’t do anything to after the days of bumminess.


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